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Today I am failing at this, I have absolutely no great thought provoking ideas.

This lack of ideas is going to make for a short blog.

So I shall ask you for your thought provoking Ideas.

I personally think it could be the mass amounts of thanksgiving food that I ate.

This could be the reason I can’t think past a title.



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This is something that I have been researching lately due to a personal selling project and this has brought a lot of great ideas to me, I have learned a little about how these products are saving a lot of people money!  They are having conversions for diesel vehicles mostly diesel trucks that are increasing power and almost doubling if not more than doubling mpg.  This just amazes me, this type of fuel allows the operating temperature to be drastically lower and it burns more efficiently allowing there to not be so much wear and tear on the vehicles motor.  There are so many purks that this has and although it maybe a little expensive for the initial conversion it will pay for itself with the savings they will have from their fuel mileage.  These conversions can run from $5,000.00 up to $10,000.00.  but if you are doubling your fuel economy you can see how much it can save you.  This type of conversion for a gasoline engine is still great because the price per gallon of CNG compared to regular gasoline is drastically cheaper but you lose a little bit of mileage and power versus where you gain power and mileage with the diesel motors.   There are now some vehicles coming from the manufactures with these CNG compatible motors from the factory and they are tuned to where they are burning stricly on CNG and they are still getting above 30 mpg our of things such as a Honda Civic.  We have a CNG filling station at Oklahoma Natural Gas in Mustang where the price per gallon is just a meer $0.76 per gallon.  That is a no brainer if you think it through or if you do any amount of driving.  I really think that the majority of vehicles will be using some sort of biofuel in the future with the different money saving things that can be done.

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Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year.  I have attached some statistics below from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they are back from 2009. 


The amount of people that will go line up outside of all different stores on the day of Thanksgiving just baffles me every year!  People will do a lot of things to get a good deal on the new and best electronics.  I think the increase in the amount of people going out earlier and earlier each year is a show of the economy.  Just like all of the people starting to cut coupons everyone is just getting the best deal that they possibly can.  So my question to you is will you be out there in the masses with everyone else?  Will you be surfing the digital market on cyber Monday? Possibly not doing any of these activities on either of the days?


Comment and let me know what you are planning on doing?


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On Friday November 4, 2011 the Digital Media and Content Marketing class from UCO attend the Oklahoma Research Day at Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma, along with many other students from UCO and all different schools from around the state of Oklahoma.  This was a great experience to get to have while also having a lot of fun with my fellow classmates.

Brandon Robbins and myself were standing and talking when a previous professor of mine walked and up started talking to us about our posters and research that we had conducted.  This Teacher was Dr. Holly Osburn from UCO, she started the conversation off with just general stuff about our posters but then she began to pose some great questions about the ethics of how people are using marketing online now days.  Some questions she posed were things such as, do you find the way that marketers are able to track what you looked at so they know who to market their products to an issue of ethics?  She gave a good analogy of back prior to this type of marketing or even in the present day would people find it okay to follow people from place to place basically stalking them to find out what type of products they buy so that they can market them certain products?  These few questions got my mind thinking about how much of a major ethic issue that this could all turn into in a hurry!

I would like to pose several questions to you today about this very topic, do you find an issue with how people use online to track where you go and market you with specific ads when you go to a page online?  Or what issues do you see this leading to later on down the road, where will we be in 5 years from now and how far will this type of marketing go?




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The iPhone 4 came out of the shoots with the antenna issue that was a simple fix if you just don’t hold it in certain places and/or put a case on it.

With the new iPhone 4s some people are already experiencing some major battery downfalls.  Peoples batteries are draining themselves even in standby mode.  This problem is something that could have a big effect on the upcoming sales of the iPhone 4s.  Although they have already sold millions of devices people could stop buying them until they get this issue fixed.  The iPhone 4s has so many great features, but is it enough to outweigh this major issue the battery is having.

Many people are reporting the issue with the battery and Apple seems to be at a loss, they cannot even figure out what might be causing this issue.  They cannot place where they culprit is coming from in the phone it could be a software or hardware issue at this point.  For their sake and all of the new device owners sake I sure hope this issue can be resolved with just a software update.

So you tell me what do you think, is this short battery issue little enough for you to look over for all the new great hardware and software this device has?

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How many devices can we figure out how to link with our different social media networks?  Well I am going to focus on specifically two devices, TV’s and Phones.  Today we have TV’s that have the capabilities to surf the web, live stream videos from servers such as Netflix or Youtube.  Today you can sit on your couch with your laptop, phone, or even your TV and check in or change your status on Facebook.  We have taken or hunger for social media to a whole new level to the point of never wanting to be without  it.  I just find it amazing how far we can go to make sure we have the access to our social media at all times no matter where we are at.  With the new software for the Iphone to be released soon you will have the options to directly post to Facebook or twitter from a picture you just have taken.


I want to leave you with this question, what do you think the next device will be that is integrated with the different social media channels?

I personally like to think I know a little bit about Youtube.  I would say I know a little more about it than the average user.

I will ask this question first, What does the term making partner in youtube mean?

Well while you little fingers were running to another tab to search what this is or you are already on it and knew what it means is irrelevant, because now you know what it means either way.  UNLESS you didn’t search for it and you didn’t know it then you get a sad face…. 😦 no but seriously take a few minutes throw it in the google search bar and find out….  I will wait………



Waiting are you done yet?




Well hopefully you know now what it is.  If not you might as well stop reading…. Just kidding keep reading you will get the jest of it all.

But anyways, Youtube is actually a thing that you can make money at, this is a form of social media with a community of all kinds of different people showing you all different kinds of things.  I think the thing that amazes me the most about youtube is that you can be anyone and be a film maker now days.  You don’t have to have a million dollar film budget with tons of famous actors, you can have a camera phone and yourself with a few different voices.  Now granted you can’t necessarily make money off of this camera phone production, unless you luck out with a viral video like “Doubel Rainbow” (Look it up).  But it is amazing the amount of people who have made youtube partner and are making their living off of posting videos.  There are a few different people who I find entertaining to watch that do nothing but vlog and post videos.  The main two groups/people I love to watch is Charles Trippy and Allie Speed which have Internet Killed Television also known as CTFxC, and Shaytards which is the whole family the main person is Shay Carl.  These are two people who are making a very good living producing videos and uploading them on a social media site!  This just BLOWS MY MIND, I am in the process of starting a vlogging/short film channel with my brother and several other business partners.  We do have a goal to some day make Youtube partner but this is not an easy task.  It will take a lot of planning and hard work.

So to end my blog for this week I want to ask a question to everyone pertaining to youtube.  What do you go to youtube to watch?



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Lately on facebook all I have been hearing about is how much everyone is hating the new changes.  Well I have news for anyone that is complaining about the changes, come the beginning of October you are not going to like the new changes because they are making huge changes on the profile page.  I have recently accessed these changes early as a developer, I changed my profile so that I can access these changes in the Beta version.  I personally LOVE the new changes they are making facebook so unique and personable.  The fact that everyone complains about the changes is annoying because they are doing nothing but bettering their product and making social media more interactive.  Off of my rant and back to the facts, one huge thing they are changing is what they are calling the timeline.  This interactive profile feature allows you to view all the information on your profile dating back to when you first got your profile and even further than they you can look at the date you were born on.  Some people might say well what good is that?  Well again they have amazed me you can add your baby pictures so you can show people the different stages in your life with pictures.  If you were to watch F8 Mark Zuckerberg introduced all of these new features along with other great things!  You can go watch it at    This video is only the introduction of F8 there are other videos showing the whole actual keynote.  These features are just the beginning of Social Media moving forward in the world today!  I will screen shot and add a photo of my profile as the new timeline look down below







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Those are just of the few car makers that I searched….  Many more if not all of the automakers in the US have a Facebook.







This is two types of social media out of the many out there and available.  The automakers of today are recognizing that the world is changing and going away from the old norm and making this the new one.  The market doesn’t really look into the papers for the information before they go to purchase a vehicle.  The use all of the different avenues for research available at the finger tips on the WORLD WIDE WEB!  Twitter allows the automakers to announce a new product, new sales promotion, or anything and it is instant access for the consumer and usually accessible directly from their pocket, on their phone.  Facebook allows the automakers to be a hub to direct them to their different brands or websites to make the sale.