Posted: September 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Lately on facebook all I have been hearing about is how much everyone is hating the new changes.  Well I have news for anyone that is complaining about the changes, come the beginning of October you are not going to like the new changes because they are making huge changes on the profile page.  I have recently accessed these changes early as a developer, I changed my profile so that I can access these changes in the Beta version.  I personally LOVE the new changes they are making facebook so unique and personable.  The fact that everyone complains about the changes is annoying because they are doing nothing but bettering their product and making social media more interactive.  Off of my rant and back to the facts, one huge thing they are changing is what they are calling the timeline.  This interactive profile feature allows you to view all the information on your profile dating back to when you first got your profile and even further than they you can look at the date you were born on.  Some people might say well what good is that?  Well again they have amazed me you can add your baby pictures so you can show people the different stages in your life with pictures.  If you were to watch F8 Mark Zuckerberg introduced all of these new features along with other great things!  You can go watch it at http://youtu.be/v_vz6Me_TIY    This video is only the introduction of F8 there are other videos showing the whole actual keynote.  These features are just the beginning of Social Media moving forward in the world today!  I will screen shot and add a photo of my profile as the new timeline look down below






  1. Brandon says:

    I recently watched the keynote and am really excited for the changes as well. I am not someone who complains about Facebook updates. It’s rather annoying to me as well. I feel like if Facebook went back to how it was in the past before all the changes people hated so much, users would be so upset. The reality is that people just hate change and having to learn new things. Once they get used to it, they love it and complain about the next update. I am really excited about the timeline. I’m not sure how it will affect businesses and social marketing. It may allow for easier data collection from previous promotions and campaigns. The timeline may also help other companies gather secondary data from competing companies.

  2. Kylee Turner says:

    I saw these changes on a friend’s profile. I think they’re great. If they didn’t change (for the better) people would lose interest. I mean look at the attention span of the normal adult now-a-days. We have serious ADD problems. I use stumbleupon and I click through at least 3 websites in about 2 minutes. HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO GET PEOPLE TO READ ANYTHING?! (I just got distracted by a shiny doorknob, point–case.)

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