YOUTUBE.COM! what can you do with it……?

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

I personally like to think I know a little bit about Youtube.  I would say I know a little more about it than the average user.

I will ask this question first, What does the term making partner in youtube mean?

Well while you little fingers were running to another tab to search what this is or you are already on it and knew what it means is irrelevant, because now you know what it means either way.  UNLESS you didn’t search for it and you didn’t know it then you get a sad face…. 😦 no but seriously take a few minutes throw it in the google search bar and find out….  I will wait………



Waiting are you done yet?




Well hopefully you know now what it is.  If not you might as well stop reading…. Just kidding keep reading you will get the jest of it all.

But anyways, Youtube is actually a thing that you can make money at, this is a form of social media with a community of all kinds of different people showing you all different kinds of things.  I think the thing that amazes me the most about youtube is that you can be anyone and be a film maker now days.  You don’t have to have a million dollar film budget with tons of famous actors, you can have a camera phone and yourself with a few different voices.  Now granted you can’t necessarily make money off of this camera phone production, unless you luck out with a viral video like “Doubel Rainbow” (Look it up).  But it is amazing the amount of people who have made youtube partner and are making their living off of posting videos.  There are a few different people who I find entertaining to watch that do nothing but vlog and post videos.  The main two groups/people I love to watch is Charles Trippy and Allie Speed which have Internet Killed Television also known as CTFxC, and Shaytards which is the whole family the main person is Shay Carl.  These are two people who are making a very good living producing videos and uploading them on a social media site!  This just BLOWS MY MIND, I am in the process of starting a vlogging/short film channel with my brother and several other business partners.  We do have a goal to some day make Youtube partner but this is not an easy task.  It will take a lot of planning and hard work.

So to end my blog for this week I want to ask a question to everyone pertaining to youtube.  What do you go to youtube to watch?


  1. I’m like you I am absolutely amazed that anyone is making money and quite a bit of it just by serially posting videos of original content to Youtube. Personally I like to watch guitar technique lessons as well as product demonstrations and reviews. I occasionally try to listen to music on it if I don’t have access to something I want to listen to at the moment though Youtube is still not the handiest playlist for any given artist and you often end up having to manually click on songs.

    What kind of videos are you and your brother planning on uploading? It sounds really cool good luck.

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