Posted: October 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

How many devices can we figure out how to link with our different social media networks?  Well I am going to focus on specifically two devices, TV’s and Phones.  Today we have TV’s that have the capabilities to surf the web, live stream videos from servers such as Netflix or Youtube.  Today you can sit on your couch with your laptop, phone, or even your TV and check in or change your status on Facebook.  We have taken or hunger for social media to a whole new level to the point of never wanting to be without  it.  I just find it amazing how far we can go to make sure we have the access to our social media at all times no matter where we are at.  With the new software for the Iphone to be released soon you will have the options to directly post to Facebook or twitter from a picture you just have taken.


I want to leave you with this question, what do you think the next device will be that is integrated with the different social media channels?

  1. Tyler Gore says:

    Funny thing is I just discussed this in my blog. I have found the ease to use social media from my phone. I have every app that I need to use and connect to each of my favorite social media sites. The great thing as well was to be able to create a blog while I was miles away from my house via my phone.

  2. Josh Sublett says:

    I agree with Tyler, I think smartphones are going to be the biggest tool for social media. With the new iphone and other phone companies putting out phones with the capabilities to access any social media site at any given time is the new wave. The good thing about these phones is as the new technology comes out most of the time “there is an app for that”. I think as social media grows so will the technology on the phones to handle all of the new technologies.

  3. Daniel says:

    I cannot believe some of the TVs that are out there lately. I for one would like to be left alone as far as everyone knowing where I am and what I am up to. I’m amazed that so many people seem to want a TV that they can tweet from, though TVs with wifi enabling you to watch streaming movies without going through an xbox or ps3 is neat for those without those machines.

    I am guessing the next device will be a car that automatically updates people about where you are driving or a toilet that lets everyone know where you have been for the last half hour. = )

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