iPhone 4s having a big downfall already!?

Posted: October 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

The iPhone 4 came out of the shoots with the antenna issue that was a simple fix if you just don’t hold it in certain places and/or put a case on it.

With the new iPhone 4s some people are already experiencing some major battery downfalls.  Peoples batteries are draining themselves even in standby mode.  This problem is something that could have a big effect on the upcoming sales of the iPhone 4s.  Although they have already sold millions of devices people could stop buying them until they get this issue fixed.  The iPhone 4s has so many great features, but is it enough to outweigh this major issue the battery is having.

Many people are reporting the issue with the battery and Apple seems to be at a loss, they cannot even figure out what might be causing this issue.  They cannot place where they culprit is coming from in the phone it could be a software or hardware issue at this point.  For their sake and all of the new device owners sake I sure hope this issue can be resolved with just a software update.

So you tell me what do you think, is this short battery issue little enough for you to look over for all the new great hardware and software this device has?


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