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Thought Provoking Ideas………

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Today I am failing at this, I have absolutely no great thought provoking ideas.

This lack of ideas is going to make for a short blog.

So I shall ask you for your thought provoking Ideas.

I personally think it could be the mass amounts of thanksgiving food that I ate.

This could be the reason I can’t think past a title.



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This is something that I have been researching lately due to a personal selling project and this has brought a lot of great ideas to me, I have learned a little about how these products are saving a lot of people money!  They are having conversions for diesel vehicles mostly diesel trucks that are increasing power and almost doubling if not more than doubling mpg.  This just amazes me, this type of fuel allows the operating temperature to be drastically lower and it burns more efficiently allowing there to not be so much wear and tear on the vehicles motor.  There are so many purks that this has and although it maybe a little expensive for the initial conversion it will pay for itself with the savings they will have from their fuel mileage.  These conversions can run from $5,000.00 up to $10,000.00.  but if you are doubling your fuel economy you can see how much it can save you.  This type of conversion for a gasoline engine is still great because the price per gallon of CNG compared to regular gasoline is drastically cheaper but you lose a little bit of mileage and power versus where you gain power and mileage with the diesel motors.   There are now some vehicles coming from the manufactures with these CNG compatible motors from the factory and they are tuned to where they are burning stricly on CNG and they are still getting above 30 mpg our of things such as a Honda Civic.  We have a CNG filling station at Oklahoma Natural Gas in Mustang where the price per gallon is just a meer $0.76 per gallon.  That is a no brainer if you think it through or if you do any amount of driving.  I really think that the majority of vehicles will be using some sort of biofuel in the future with the different money saving things that can be done.

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Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year.  I have attached some statistics below from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they are back from 2009. 


The amount of people that will go line up outside of all different stores on the day of Thanksgiving just baffles me every year!  People will do a lot of things to get a good deal on the new and best electronics.  I think the increase in the amount of people going out earlier and earlier each year is a show of the economy.  Just like all of the people starting to cut coupons everyone is just getting the best deal that they possibly can.  So my question to you is will you be out there in the masses with everyone else?  Will you be surfing the digital market on cyber Monday? Possibly not doing any of these activities on either of the days?


Comment and let me know what you are planning on doing?


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On Friday November 4, 2011 the Digital Media and Content Marketing class from UCO attend the Oklahoma Research Day at Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma, along with many other students from UCO and all different schools from around the state of Oklahoma.  This was a great experience to get to have while also having a lot of fun with my fellow classmates.

Brandon Robbins and myself were standing and talking when a previous professor of mine walked and up started talking to us about our posters and research that we had conducted.  This Teacher was Dr. Holly Osburn from UCO, she started the conversation off with just general stuff about our posters but then she began to pose some great questions about the ethics of how people are using marketing online now days.  Some questions she posed were things such as, do you find the way that marketers are able to track what you looked at so they know who to market their products to an issue of ethics?  She gave a good analogy of back prior to this type of marketing or even in the present day would people find it okay to follow people from place to place basically stalking them to find out what type of products they buy so that they can market them certain products?  These few questions got my mind thinking about how much of a major ethic issue that this could all turn into in a hurry!

I would like to pose several questions to you today about this very topic, do you find an issue with how people use online to track where you go and market you with specific ads when you go to a page online?  Or what issues do you see this leading to later on down the road, where will we be in 5 years from now and how far will this type of marketing go?




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