Oklahoma Research Day, Bringing Up the Ethical Issues in the Marketing of Today!

Posted: November 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

On Friday November 4, 2011 the Digital Media and Content Marketing class from UCO attend the Oklahoma Research Day at Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma, along with many other students from UCO and all different schools from around the state of Oklahoma.  This was a great experience to get to have while also having a lot of fun with my fellow classmates.

Brandon Robbins and myself were standing and talking when a previous professor of mine walked and up started talking to us about our posters and research that we had conducted.  This Teacher was Dr. Holly Osburn from UCO, she started the conversation off with just general stuff about our posters but then she began to pose some great questions about the ethics of how people are using marketing online now days.  Some questions she posed were things such as, do you find the way that marketers are able to track what you looked at so they know who to market their products to an issue of ethics?  She gave a good analogy of back prior to this type of marketing or even in the present day would people find it okay to follow people from place to place basically stalking them to find out what type of products they buy so that they can market them certain products?  These few questions got my mind thinking about how much of a major ethic issue that this could all turn into in a hurry!

I would like to pose several questions to you today about this very topic, do you find an issue with how people use online to track where you go and market you with specific ads when you go to a page online?  Or what issues do you see this leading to later on down the road, where will we be in 5 years from now and how far will this type of marketing go?




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  1. This was a good conversation to be a part of. Ethics is a very important part of company’s today. After some of the scandals that occurred, many business saw that customers have become more skeptical and demanded honesty. Ethics should be a major focus in the development of a corporate mission, culture, goals, and strategy. Ethics, however, is not something crosses minds when marketing. But when you think about it, there are many areas that could raise ethical questions. Dr. Holly Osbum said that companies recording information that you subconsciously provide while web surfing can be compared to someone following you around the mall taking notes of how you spend your money. I feel that collecting information to cater to user’s interests is ethical, but companies may consider doing it in a more “up-front” way. For example, companies could ask what interests their users to reach to those interests. In regards to your question on the future: I feel that Internet marketing methods will go through the same changes mass media marketing went through. Eventually, there will be so much we see on the Internet, that we will not even notice the advertisements. Ultimately, marketing directors must find ways to creatively market using a number of channels in creative ways that capture the attention of their targets.

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