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Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year.  I have attached some statistics below from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they are back from 2009. 


The amount of people that will go line up outside of all different stores on the day of Thanksgiving just baffles me every year!  People will do a lot of things to get a good deal on the new and best electronics.  I think the increase in the amount of people going out earlier and earlier each year is a show of the economy.  Just like all of the people starting to cut coupons everyone is just getting the best deal that they possibly can.  So my question to you is will you be out there in the masses with everyone else?  Will you be surfing the digital market on cyber Monday? Possibly not doing any of these activities on either of the days?


Comment and let me know what you are planning on doing?


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  1. Josh Sublett says:

    Black Friday for me will be spent in Academy trying to deal with these mass amounts of people! I think black Friday is good for the businesses but I also think people take it too far. Last year someone got killed trying to get into Wal-mart I think that is too much.

  2. Kate Bacon says:

    OMG- i was just talking about this with my friend who is a manager at Kohl’s. I think it is crazy that this year a lot of stores are opening at 12 am on Black Friday. That to me totally takes away from Black Friday. Personally, I have never done Black Friday and this year I do plan to do all my shopping on Amazon! Cannot stand the holiday shopping.

  3. Anthony Murray says:

    Black Friday is a serious event. I have never actually gone to a black friday extravaganza I heard it is pretty intense. I was supposed to go with my family the year before last but couldn’t wake up from a deep slumber lol. My brother’s and my sister went with my mom and they told me that people were running around the store like a free for all olympic marathon race. It sounded to me like a WWE wrestling royal rumble wrestlemania event. I think I will go this year and see for myself. LoL

  4. I plan to search around online and check direct mail for Black Friday deals. If there is something that looks appealing, I will consider trying to go out on Black Friday. Otherwise, I would rather wait until it dies down. To be honest, I typically do all my holiday shopping the week before Christmas. The company I work for, QuiBids, experiences huge traffic increases on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There is a good chance I am going to spend a good deal of time at work on these days!

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